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Guardianship of the Person

A guardian (or conservator) of the person is responsible for decisions about care provisions and living arrangements of the ward.

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Guardianship of the Estate

A guardianship (or conservatorship) of the estate is charged with making decisions concerning a person's property and financial affairs.

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Standby Guardianship for Adults

The court may also appoint a standby guardian for either a guardian of person or estate. A standby guardian has no authority to act unless the guardian becomes either permanently or
temporarily unavailable. 

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Declaration of Guardian for Kids

A Declaration of Guardian is a formal way for parents to tell a court who they want to take care of their child(ren) if they, the parents, are unable to do so. Typically, this becomes an issue at the death of the second parent, but a guardian may also need to be appointed if the last surviving parent becomes severely disabled and is not able to continue to care for their child(ren).

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